PRC lahko nudi:

Airfield Ground Lighting design

A-SMGCS design (Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System)

An advanced surface movement guidance and control system (SMGCS) manipulates runway and taxiway lighting to guide aircraft to gates. The system is automated and especially designed for use at low visibility conditions or busy surface movement traffic.

Airport lay-out verification

ALCMS design (Airfield Ligthing Control and Monitoring System)

Runway Incursion Prevention & Crew Alerting System (RIPCAS):

  • very precise detection of vehicles/airplanes moving through the detection area,
  • very powerful signaling system based on high intensity red flashers,
  • reliable and proven control logic able to properly read the data coming from the sensors, process the data and generate, in case of unauthorized crossing, the immediate local alarm, alerting the crew and the TWR (via ALCMS system).

AGL and series circuit maintenance trainings