Renewable Energy Development & Consulting

Balkan countries have high potential for developing energy production from renewable energy sources like sun, water, wind, biomass, and geothermal energy. However, these potentials are not studied and exploited enough. Furthermore, all of these countries have accepted feed-in-tariff(FIT) policy mechanism, designed to accelerate investments in renewable energy. It achieves this by offering long-term contracts to renewable energy producers.

FITs (feed-in-tariff) typically include three key provisions:

  • guaranteed grid access,
  • long-term contracts for the electricity produced,
  • production incentives.

Trimpeks d.o.o. provides hydro, wind and solar project development and consulting services. You may require our services when you have plans for a large scale renewable energy project. As your Renewable energy Consultant and Advisor, Trimpeks guides you through the entire project development process from inception to completion. Our turnkey services include: conducting initial feasibility assessments, securing project financing, helping you select an installation partner, claiming rebates and financial incentives, and overseeing the installation of your system. We will even manage an request for proposal or competitive vendor selection process on your behalf.

Services overview

  • We will evaluate your land to asses if it may be suitable for renewable energy project,
  • We will evaluate the profitability of the project, as we work with a number of project financing companies, we can evaluate your already completed projects and see if they are interesting for investors and what are the financing options,
  • We will assist you in selecting the renewable energy system design, engineering, procurement, construction, and installation partners (“EPC Contractors). Once selected, the EPC Contractors will be responsible for handling the permitting, building code compliance, regulatory approvals and municipal consents. Upon completion of the installation process the EPC Contractors will obtain necessary approval from the utility to interconnect the solar system to the utility grid..

In case you see us as your potential partner for your renewable energy project, please feel free to contact us.