Together with our partners, we have many years of experience in maintaining various aircrafts, aero engines and components.

We perform:

  • general inspections of helicopters,
  • regular and exceptional helicopter services from Bell, Agusta Bell, and others, and we deliver genuine spare parts (all have an appropriate certificate),
  • inspection, testing and calibration of aircraft components,
  • inspection, repair, repairs of propellers,
  • inspection, repair, overhaul of helicopter engines by Pratt & Whitney Canada and Rolls Royce,
  • we organize training courses for pilots and technical staff in accredited organizations,
  • we arrange subscriptions for the database and navigation charts.

We supply:

  • ground power supplies,
  • work platforms for airplanes and helicopters,
  • equipment for aircraft aviation systems, test equipment and aircraft instruments,
  • parachutes and all parachute equipment,
  • special tools,
  • technical fluids and lubricants,
  • cargo lifting systems for aircraft (hoists),
  • high-quality lighting equipment and airport control systems,
  • equipment for airports,
  • towing vehicles for aircraft,
  • poles, windbags, etc.