Airfield lightning equipment

Company Trimpeks ltd. is also retailer of high quality airfield lighting equipment for civil and military airports, as well as heliports, of manufacturer ERNI Licht-Technik AG from Swiss. Sales program includes elevated and inset lights of high, medium and low intensity, for lighting runways as well as taxiways. All products comply with the latest requirements of international standards (such as ICAO, FAA, MAK, STNA, FOCA, STANAG 3316).


ERNI airfield lighting equipment stands for quality, reliability, low life cycle costs and easy maintenance, which ensure safe and efficient operation. Their light fixtures are specially conceived for the use under low visibility and most demanding operational conditions such as these may prevail in regions with frequent snow falls, dense fog or high humidity. Seal tight structure avoids any inside and outside corrosion of the lights, even if they are installed in areas with ground water problems, heavy rain falls, corrosive air (salty air at sea side airports). Constructional concept considers advantages of extended service intervals combined with low maintenance costs.

Company Trimpeks d.o.o. also provides complete equipment of landing sites outside the airports:

Heliports are infrastructure facilities providing maximum flexibility for traveling and transportation by air. Only fully equipped airfields can also provide maximum safety for both helicopter crews and passengers. We offer you state-of-the-art products that have proved their reliability at installations for many years.

Rooftop heliports are space-saving constructions on top of buildings such as hotels, hospitals and skyscrapers. Enhanced comfort and functionality are combined with increased safety during the approach and departure phases.

Surface-level heliports are often combined with helicopter bases containing gas stations, maintenance service and hangars.